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there is no practice 4/10/23 
zoom link for bi weekly meditation sit: HERE

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Deepen a connection to belonging, the unseen, stillness and the natural unfolding of your life through crafting a compassionate luminous and soft relationship through mindfulness meditation. 

Meditation Sit, Movement Meditation, Insights talk, Q & A



What is Dana? Dana is a Pali word in the Buddhist tradition that means "giving from the heart" as these teachings have immeasurable value and are available to all, Dana sustains the teacher and the ability for the teacher to conintue to serve the community. 

These courses are offered within the tradition of Dana with a suggested Dana. You can purchase a class or send a donation of your choosing to my Venmo: @laura-zuspan or to my PayPal:

Laura Zuspan is the facilitator of this group and is a teacher in training through the MMTCP program taught by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach whom practice within the Insight Buddhist tradition. This class will in part take place on unceded Ohlone land, otherwise known as Oakland, CA