I use the Tarot an ancient book of wisdom to read and unlock the mental and spiritual pathways that will lead you to make clearer more objective decisions in your life. I help create understanding into why you’ve been held in certain patterns and behaviors and guide you into positive change and empowerment. The Tarot is a visual map of consciousness and a symbolic system that offers insight into your professional contributions, personal motives/life path, and spiritual development. The Tarot operates primarily through the symbolic, non-rational aspects of consciousness, the same state in which dreams are communicated. Tarot is an expansive tool best used as an ongoing alternative therapy to help aid in empowering, clarifying and realigning ones life purpose and outlook. I am committed to healing; using this tool from a deep and ethical place. Tarot helps us dive deeper into the great mystery of life and uncover layers of patterning, stories and conditioning that are no longer serving growth or expansion. Please feel free to email or call 310-736-0495 if you have any introductory questions. I look forward to working with you!

For new clients I require a preliminary phone conversation to see why you're coming in, what I offer in my practice so we can determine if I can meet your needs. Once you book your session I will be in touch with you.

Single or Ongoing Sessions Available

55 minutes $95

75 minutes $120

90 minutes $140

What makes my work with Tarot unique?

There is a perception and an expectation around Tarot of prediction and magic that distracts from its true power, which is the re-crafting of the fundamental stories of our lives with ancient archetypes to give them greater meaning, and a universal context.   My mission as a teacher and servant to the sacred arts is to teach students how to honor the invisible world and establish a firm understanding of how to authentically and ethically translate this ancient book of consciousness. While real intuition, psychic experiences, and even magic do occur, my experience is that these arrive when they’re not expected.  My emphasis is on practicality and empowerment.  When working with a client I emphasis the present and collaborate with the client on what they want their future to look like.  I couple my Tarot reading with very rational and practical tools, including life coaching, allowing me to do ongoing work with clients.

 Cancellation Policy
 A session canceled the day of (24 hours) will be charged the full amount.