Dwelling in the Mystery: Connecting Tarot's Fool with Buddhist Psychology and Practice.
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Dwelling in the Mystery: Connecting Tarot's Fool with Buddhist Psychology and Practice.

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Dwelling in The Mystery

Connecting the Tarot's archetypal Fool with Buddhist Psychology and Practice.

Sunday, March 19th from 9:00 -12:00 p.m.

In this half day retreat we will explore the value of dwelling in the mystery and building connection with the void through meditation techniques, concepts from Buddhist psychology and the study of the archetype of the fool from the Tarot.

Through a deeper connection with the unseen, the mystery naturally opens our psychic capacities and allows for our true self—our weirdness—to find new paths of expression. By opening to these practices we build greater insight, intuition and creative flow. In a world which tells us to know, plan and strive toward never-ending goals, it can be especially challenging to slow down and connect with the quiet wealth of what lays beyond, and unseen. This notion, of finding our edge, is symbolized by the tarot archetype of the fool: the light-hearted one who is on the verge of stepping off the side of a cliff, into the unknown. It also relates to Buddhist psychological concepts of, “don’t know mind” and “ beginners mind” a psychological state of wonder and awe in the present moment. 

In this retreat you will nurture and develop, mindfully and ethically, your naturally ability to rest in the mystery: building the capacity to read yourself and others, befriend your inner innocent, and experience the beauty and awe of the present moment. As Jack Kornfield says, “Let us take our seat half way between heaven and earth.” 

This class will consist of a talk, guided meditation, reflections and break-out rooms where we will build our psychic reading capabilities through meditation, archetype and its connection with the void