Celestial Rabbit Snake Original
Celestial Rabbit Snake Original
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Celestial Rabbit Snake Original

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This painting of a Celestial Rabbit Snake arises from a new painting series I have been working on, intended to help free the subconscious mind. The image draws on the energy of the Chinese astrological year of the rabbit, an energy that we are ruled by in this lunar cycle. The snake represents transformation and rejuvenation within the soft, sweet comfort of home, family and prosperity. This icon is connected to the presence of eternity.

Please use this image as a symbolic icon to rest in quiet prosperity, to transform to your true self.

I am calling these paintings “afternoon paintings” as they’re made in meditative afternoon sessions over a period of a few days. Maybe you can connect with the calm of an afternoon when you have nothing to do but create, and the psychic magic that can arise in such space.

Dimensions are 9x12 inches, medium is watercolor.

We all are due for more rest….

The last several years have been marked by heavy transformation at a speed that most of us could barely keep pace with. This past February we transitioned into the lunar year of the rabbit. In Chinese astrology the rabbit represents resting in ease and prosperity in the comforts of home. You can use this painting as a symbolic icon of resting in ease after all that inner work.